About Us

Kampala Uganda is not the easiest place to build a future for yourself if you’re a child. Uganda officially has 2.5 million orphans whose lives are incredibly challenging given the level of support and care available to them.

About half of these orphans have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and many of the others have had to witness their parents’ deaths at the hands of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Northern Uganda.

As adults who were once orphans, the founders of Stanford Foundation for Orphans and Rural Development (SORD) decided to create a real and sustainable solution for these orphans in Uganda. SORD Kampala has created a home to care for their personal and spiritual needs as well as established a school to ensure that they are educated and able to prosper as an adult. We hope to eventually extend these services to children in the Amolatar District of Northern Uganda.

Our school is also open to the local community of Kawempe and we currently have 200 children between the ages of 3 to 15 years across 9 classes. We actively seek to ensure the continued education of females and refugee students who historically have a high drop out rate therefore, doing our part to break the cycle of poverty.

We hope to change the lives of the children we touch by:

  • Increasing literacy rates
  • Offering vocational training after they complete their schooling to ensure they are able to secure a job as well as create jobs through entrepreneurship
  • Teach discipline & active citizenship so they grow up to become responsible and engaged adults
  • Offering counseling services to orphaned & vulnerable children who often come from traumatic situations of loss, war & other tragedies
  • Giving them a home & a safe place to be children
  • Provide them with nutritious food so that they are able to physically and mentally thrive