Our Partners

1. Friends and Bikers for Africa

SORD Uganda is privileged to have a partnership with Friends and Bikers for Africa
that has provided support to Stanford Primary School – Kawempe.

Through this partnership, over 450 vulnerable children at Stanford Primary School
have received quality education.

With the cooperation, Farmacia San Ciro and Eliche Sicule BMW.







2. Learning for All

Learning for All has partnered with SORD Uganda to help train teachers on “Practical
Steps of Active Learning – Mraningful Education”

Through this partnership, the experts from Holland have engaged in training teachers
at Stanford Primary School and neighbouring schools on the model of teaching that
provides active learning to children through making materials using the local materials.

Rixt Lanting – the Director of happy Start has helped to improve learning of children at
Stanford Primary Shool and the neibouring schools in Kawempe Division.