Our Projects

SORD has numerous projects either underway currently or planned for the future. The purpose of these projects is to ensure the sustainability of the organisation, and its children accordingly.

Projects include flower and pine seedling growing for sale, chicken coop for egg laying.

Long term, SORD seeks to construct an orphanage in the Amolotar region of Uganda as well as an English instruction school.

For more information on our projects as well as how you can get involved, please see the proposal attached under “Getting Involved”.


1. Women Empowerment Project

2. Stanford Primary School

3. Goat Project

4. Tree Project

Fundraiser for Moses’ birthday 9th October in support of the Goat Project Phase II

The plan was always to grow this project for the benefit of the children at the orphanage and school in Kawempe, Kampala and the children that are supported by Moses and the work of SORD at Amolatar, Moses home village and where his father had given him some land in support of the project.

”We started with 4 goats after selling off the chickens with the first Birthday Fundraiser in 2018 and with the 2019 Birthday Fundraiser we bought 8 goats making. In the space of one year we have got 5 kids and during your birthday fundraiser I added 1 goat. Currently there are 15 goats and two will be giving birth soon.

The plan is to expand the project so that in future we can start distributing them to children under our care.

As we also intend to strengthen the Community Development in Amolatar, this project will also act as a Demonstration Farm in order to train local farmers on better goat husbandry practices and this will help benefit many households through income generating and greater public awareness.

Our target is to rear up to 400 goats as this will directly benefit the school through feeding once they are sold to buy food to feed children. This therefore will need us to fence two acres of land for its proper keeping.”


Donate via FB, GoFundME or ask for paypal details if preferred.