Prevent the spread of COVID -19

When the President of the Republic of Uganda on 18th March,2020 announced the closure of all schools ,Taritary Institutions and Universities in Uganda due to COVID – 19,all schools were sent home.

Following the strict Lockdown,opportunities of employment disappeared,many families in Kawempe – Bwaise One Parish live hand to mouth ,there are no stocked cupboards or freezers to utilise ,with the Lockdown,the struggle to survive intensified and most children started going without food.

Wth the donation of £1550 from Paul Kayes’ Birthday Fundraiser,we were able to support many children with food during the Lockdown.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID – 19,we provided the Sanitizers to different families,installed two hand washing points at school and we kept visiting different homes creating awareness to children to wash their hands regularly as a preventive measure to COVID – 19.

We are so happy that Friends & Bikers ONLUS continued supporting the salary for our teachers at Stanford Primary School that enabled them to support their families.
While our children were still home due to the Lockdown,the teachers continued providing work to them to keep them busy especially to the Primary Seven candidates .

Even with this support given ,parents continue to meet and contact Omara Moses “to share the difficulty of living with hunger with their children” . We are working hard hard to generate emergency funds to support this much needed food aid along with basic hygiene products like soap and sanitary wear.

A very big thank you to Paul Kayes – Programme Coordinator SORD Uganda UK for the donation of the Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun to be used be used at school as it is one of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This will help us dictate someone with COVID – 19 at the gate through checking the Temperature.

We also thank Emil Stigsgaard Fuglsang – Denmark for the donation of €400.00 coordinated by Lise Pretorius – Project Coordinator SORD Uganda.

We still have a lot to accomplish during this pandemic ,we request you to support us in any way you can so that we are able to continue running our activities.