Mr. OMARA MOSES – Founder and Director of SORD

Mr. Omara MosesOmara Moses is a married man with three children:, Gaius, Louis Philips and Patricia. He and his wife Ms. Dianah are dedicated Christians. Professionally, he is a Teacher and a Social Worker having worked with Save the ChildrenTASO and in Education field, he is passionate about children. He believes that orphans and the vulnerable children should live with hope in their lives and happiness. The name Stanford Foundation for Orphans and Rural Development SORD came to him in a dream which he has continued to work on from that day to create the organisation which can be seen today.

He founded SORD in 2010, having seen many people around him not having any strategic plans for the orphans and the vulnerable children in the community who were suffering. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the continuation of the organisation through receiving donations as well as urging volunteers to visit SORD.

You Can reach me Using the contacts here,

Facebook Username: omara.moses
Tel:+256752714999 | +256712714999
OGWANG JIMMY – Managing Director

Ogwang Jimmy is a married young man who is talented in management; it is through his development plans that he was introduced to the Board of SORD. He is a Teacher; with skills of handling children and he always believe that children should grow up knowing God.

Contact me at:
Tel. contact: +256-785 968 230 / +256-752 968 230

Programme Coordinator SORD Uganda UK

Paul Kayes, born and raised in Anfield Liverpool, son of a Baptist minister Richard Kayes

who also worked for Christian Aid for over 20 years. Married to Jane Kayes for 40 years
in August, 2 children Susie and Becky both married, 3 grandchildren.
Worked in the chemical industry here in the North East of England for 27 years before having to retire due to ill health, (M.E.)  Prior to getting ill in 2002 I was an active member in local charismatic
church.  I love sports, but can no longer play and suprise, surprise my favourite football team is Liverpool.


LAURA STANFORD– Donor Coordinator

Laura Stanford (1)Laura Stanford moved to Uganda in January 2015 with her husband. Soon after she arrived she became involved with SORD as a teaching volunteer. She was quickly touched  by the overall work and vision of SORD and decided to become more involved in the organisation.

Her acceptance to be appointed on the Board of SORD as the Donor Coordinator has tremendously impacted the organisation already. Laura is married to Richard Stanford and the two have always worked tirelessly making sure that SORD gets financial support  from people and other organizations.

Laura has worked in many different industries in a finance capacity in South Africa. She is now involved in tourism in Uganda.

Email her at:


Project Coordinator – Canada

Mutyaba calnan humbled man aged 34 years of age went to makerere university and graduated as a journalist. He is so passionate about children.

After his University,he started volunteering at SORD Uganda until when he became part of the organization in 2015. he is now coordinating SORD Uganda in Canada

He is currently living in Canada.

TUMUSIIME WINFRED – Chief Accountant

Chief-AccountantTusiimwe Winfred is married to a Pastor in Kenya with one child, a God fearing, hardworking lady who is having a lot of love for children, and she believes that children are a gift from God.

She is a Teacher with skills in accounting.

Contact her at:

Tel. contact:– +256704603372




lisesiteLise Pretorius was introduced to SORD through Laura Stanford, an old friend from University.  She came to Uganda for a work trip and was excited and impressed by the work that was being done at SORD.  After spending a day teaching at SORD, the organisation and children had imprinted on her and she was happy to accept a position on the Board of SORD.

Lise is an Environmental Economist and is passionate about people and the planet.




Ella May Colledge – SORD Ambassador – UK.

Ella was born on 11th April,2010 (She was 7 weeks early and tiny ,she was a little fighter from day one).

She goes to Barnwell Secondary School – South Stevenage UK,spare time she goes to dance .

Ella is a young passionate girl with a lot of love for young children always aiming to see all children having education and living a good life.

Her motivation to represent SORD Uganda as its Ambassador in UK came when her mother started sponsoring a child at SORD Uganda,she became happy with what the organization is doing .