Agro-husbandry, also known as agro-pastoralism or agropastoral farming, is an integrated agricultural system that combines crop cultivation (agriculture) with animal husbandry (livestock farming) in a complementary manner. This approach aims to maximize the benefits of both crop and livestock production while minimizing their respective drawbacks. Agro-husbandry has been practiced for centuries in various parts of the world and continues to be a significant agricultural system in many regions ,its the reason why SORD UGANDA had to adopt this approach as away of supplementing on the huge budgets it has to cater for. the out puts are used to run the activities of SORD like feeding the pupil as well as benefiting the community as awhole 

Goat Project

The goat project is one of the projects under SORD UGANDA. The goat project started with 4 goats and  after selling off the chicken project that was ran under SORD UGANDA then in 2018. The increment of the number of goats increased by 8 after the fundraising of 2018 and 2019. The goat project is currently located in Amolator where we are currently holding a large numbers of 55 goats in total. The plan is to expand the project so that in future we can start distributing them to children under our care. As we also intend to strengthen the Community Development in Amolatar, this project will also act as a Demonstration Farm in order to train local farmers on better goat husbandry practices and this will help benefit many households through income generating and greater public awareness. Our target is to rear up to 400 goats as this will directly benefit the school through feeding once they are sold to buy food to feed children. This therefore will need us to fence two acres of land for its proper keeping.”

Goats being grazed
Goats are commonly grazed in various areas around the community for their ability to efficiently forage on a variety of plants and vegetation.
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late Moses had posed for a photo
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The bulls ploughing
Bulls ploughing is a traditional agricultural practice in which bulls are used as draft animals to pull ploughs through fields for the purpose of tilling the soil in preparation for planting crops.
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