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Ogwang Jimmy is a happily married young man who is talented in  management; it is through his development plans that he was introduced to the Board of SORD. He is a Teacher; with skills of handling children and he always believe that children should grow up knowing God.He believes that orphans and the vulnerable children should live with hope in their lives and happiness.

The name Stanford Foundation for Orphans and Rural Development SORD was developed and founded  by the Late OMARA MOSES  who was the  then Executive Director. SORD came to him in a dream which he had continued to work on from that day to create the organisation which can be seen today.

He founded SORD in 2010, having seen many people around him not having any strategic plans for the orphans and the vulnerable children in the community who were suffering. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the continuation of the organisation through receiving donations as well as urging volunteers to visit SORD.

We owe a special mention of MOSES  a co-founder or founder of the work of  SORD who had a heart of love and the vision to improve the lives of the children and orphans of kawempe and a molator inclusive of communities

Moses was very famous  whoever knew him, a real people person and his tragic and untimely deathhit people hard, both in Uganda and in UK and wider.

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